JULY 2020

This year we had some very hot weather, and on the hottest days we had to make sure that everyone would keep cool, so it was time to invest in some paddling pools. The children had a wonderful time stripping down to their swimsuits, underwear or nappies and splashing about in the water. There were also a selection of ice pops on hand for the children and staff to enjoy in the heat. The Duckling room even got a portable air conditioning unit to help keep the babies cool whilst sleeping. Somehow we got though the extreme high 30s heat reasonably well.

The Sunshine room had their annual Sportsday. The children and their parents all took part in various races and afterwards enjoyed Afternoon Tea with scones and strawberries for the adults and Tea mealboxes for the children. It was lovely to see the families enjoying time together and having a picnic in the rear garden.

This month was also the month when the winner of the Sunflower growing competition was announced. The winner in every room received a sunflower themed story book. Very good effort and well done!

In July some of our children start to leave in preparation for starting school. It is both a sad and happy occasion as many have been with us for several years and it has been a pleasure to see them grow and develop.

The Ducklings joined in with Rainbow's activities out in the garden, especially in the sunshine. The children were introduced to new sensory experiences and were able to play alongside the Rainbow children which supported their personal, social and emotional development.

The Rainbows have been busy with Dinosaur tuff tray, Moon sand, Counting carrots, Old McDonald lotto, Hand painting, Animal magic bag, Find that number, Dinosaur footprints and Natural den building.

The Sunshines were busy gardening, digging up weeds and potatoes, where they learned about caring for plants, the tools to use and discussed which type of food is good for you. They also enjoyed Veterinary surgery role play, practicing for Sports day and Natural resource painting.

JUNE 2022

The month of June started with a big Jubilee party for the children. The bunting they had painted was hung, the Royal crowns were ready to be worn and the decorated biscuits and cupcakes were ready to be eaten. The party started with lots of dancing and was followed by their party afternoon tea. The national anthem was sung and and lots of cheering, party horn whistling and flag waving followed.

Later in the month all Duckling and Rainbow parents were invited for Afternoon Tea when they had the opportunity to mix with other parents and also chat more informally to their childrens Key Person. The occasion kicked off with a singing performance by the children and was followed by strawberries and scones, clotted cream and jam for the parents and an afternoon tea box for the children. We combined this with a fundraising event for Crackerjacks and the parents were invited to join the children and staff members in wearing a onsie or pyjamas. We feel proud to have raised £67 for this very important cause.

Also this month the Duckling children enjoyed non messy sensory bags to create a different sensory experience for the younger children and include the children who do not like getting their hands messy in the activity.

The Rainbows enjoyed a Magic animal bag where the children to take turns in taking animals out of the bag and talking about what they are, colours, how many legs, spots, stripes and what noises they make.

The Sunshines made shortbread biscuits, learning what kind of ingredients they needed and talking about the health and safety of using the oven and the importance of hand washing.​ The children looked at the recipe, weighed the ingredients and placed them into the bowl. Each child had a turn to mix the ingredients together to make a dough and use a rolling pin to roll out the dough and a star cutter to make their biscuits.

MAY 2022

May brought lovely weather and all the children have been enjoying the warmer temperatures. In the nursery we had our annual Pet Week when parents and staff brought their different pets for the children to handle, touch and feed. The children also made preparations for our Jubilee party.  

During pet week various pets were brought into the nursery in order to teach the children how to behave around animals and how to approach them. We also talked about caring for pets and what they need day to day. We supported those children who felt a bit apprehensive and helped build their confidence in approaching the animals.
The Ducklings have been cooling down with water play, food sensory trays and playing with different textures like shaving foam. One of their Jubilee activities was making bunting to decorate their room.
The Rainbows have been very creative this month making Jubilee cardboard cookies which they decorated using Jubilee colours. They made their own Jubilee crowns which they decorated in preparation for wearing it at the Jubilee party. They also explored gloop tray when they talked about the colours and textures.
The Sunshines performed a science experiment making 'Fizzy bubbles' using bicarbonate soda and vinegar. They discussed the equipment and were shown how to use the pipet and spoon. The children then tried the experiment themselves and got very excited when they made bubbles appear. They did well following instructions and taking turns. Some of them needed a little adult support using the pipet. They enjoyed this activity so much that they did it all over again. 

APRIL 2022
This month the children have been enjoying the lovely weather outside and they have also been for a lovely walk to the local lakes. For Easter the children brought in Easter Bonnets that they have been making with their families and got their chance to show them off in the parade. All the school leavers seem very pleased with their new school they will be attending in September. Their schools have already been in contact with us to start nursery visits to get to know the "their" children. The pre-school room are are also doing activities in readiness for starting school.

The Ducklings have been exploring body painting, foil painting and have had plenty of Easter activities. Food sensory trays​ help encourage children to explore different foods using all of their senses, especially taste and sight and it supports children with their speech development, motor skills with pouring and mixing, and colour recognition.

The Rainbows have been playing with Animal gloop tray, had an Easter egg hunt, practiced scissor control, explored cereal sensory trays, garden tough trays and beach sensory tuff trays, ​enjoyed sponge painting and butterfly finger painting, and learning sorting. They had a great time building a den in the garden where they explored which resources to use, using team work and then enjoying playing in their creation.

Sunshines children have enjoyed threading bracelets with Cheerios, building dens, Easter bonnet hats with a parade, making Easter cards and Easter cakes and creating marble and transport paintings. The bracelet activity helped to encourage the children to develop their fine motor skills by threading Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner. They also practiced counting and colour recognition when picking their pipe cleaner.

MARCH 2022

The biggest event this month was that an Ofsted Inspector turned up for a long overdue inspection. It is the moment that every nursery dreads but luckily we have been focusing on changing nursery procedures to fit in with the new EYFS guidance so we felt we had at least prepared ourselves quite a bit. It was a lovely sunny day, the children were on their best behaviour and our staff did a great job so now we are keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to seeing the report.

The Ducklings have had a busy March doing lots of different water play activities and introduced new colours, tools and textures in the water. They have created different sensory trays focusing on colours, textures and animals. They also completed Mother's Day crafts, collating a flower and making hand prints on the accompanying poem.
In the Rainbow room they have been doing counting and number recognition with the Rabbit Game, had fun scooping and pouring with water play, finding cars in shaving foam and identifying colours and counting them, and expressing themselves with paint. They also played Farmyard lotto where the children had to recognise the pictures and match them to their board and it also encourages turn taking. The children really enjoyed this game. They were able to recognise the majority of the pictures as well as the noises the animals make. Some needed a little adult support with turn taking, but all done very well. They enjoyed the game so much that they played it again in the afternoon.
The Sunshines have been very busy learning this month: they have been practising their name and writing it on paper and practiced magnetic letter recognition of names and copying them on paper. They also made crowns and Mother’s Day cards, made daffodils for St David's day. They had fun playing with dinosaur and farm tuff trays, dinosaur painting and chalking around each other in the playground. The Magnetic letters and forming letters of our names exercises were based on a lot of our children’s next steps and getting ready for school in September. This was to help them recognise the letters of their names, and other letters in the alphabet, and have ago at copying the letters of their name. The children all enjoyed finding the correct letters and placing the them in the right order. Most of the children can form most or all of the letters of their name and enjoyed showing off their work. 


It has been a very cold and windy February, but the children have been very busy with lots of different activities both inside and outside. The Sunshine children are enjoying the free flow choosing where they would like to play and some new handrails intalled in our baby/toddler garden has enabled Rainbows to enjoy free flow too. The baby/toddler garden has also been extended giving them more space to explore and the larger area has made room for new equipment.

The Ducklings have had lots of fun exploring the Chinese spice tuff tray, making Chinese money bags, car painting, small world swimming, Valentine's collage, animal bath time, and the sea life jelly rescue. The animal bathtime introduced a new sensory experience for the babies. It supported learning and speech development through talking about the animals and using imaginative play. It involved encouraging the babies in messy play and tought them recognising and making different animal sounds.

The Rainbows have been practising number, shape recognition, enjoying firemen role play, shaving foam pretending it is an Ice cream parlour and bathing the baby dolls. They celebrated Chinese new year and enjoyed straw painting, obstacle course, animal gloop and dinosaur sensory tray. The Rainbows played the shark game while learning  to recognise all the different sizes, small, medium and big. Most were able to count to 10, some were able to recognise the numbers 1-5 on the fish and some all 10 numbers. 

The Sunshines have been busy cooking apple donuts, changing the cabin into a Chinese restaurant and exploring a range of tuff trays using dinosaur/ sea life animals in sand and jelly. They also enjoyed a beach theme tray and a construction tuff tray. The Chinese restaurant ​roleplay taught the children about different cultures and the type of food they like to have. It encouraged our children to role-play in a group, sharing and taking part in conversations.​ ​The aim was to learn about different cultures and how they are different to ours. We let the children take turns being the customer, chef or waiter to experience different roles and play with the different resources provided. We also wanted some of our newer sunshine children and those who like to play in smaller groups to become more engaged in larger group activities to build confidence and more friendships.​ We looked at the Chinese New year calendars and the 12 different animals, learning which animal they were born under. 


It has been lovely welcoming back all the children after their Christmas holidays. It did not take them long to settle back into nursery routine and the children were eager to tell us all about what they got up to over the Christmas period. The staff have been very busy in the rooms, providing a range of different activities and setting their focus children observations for the week.
The Duckling room babies have been taking home pictures of their dinosaur printing, as well as exploring their jungle and dinosaur tuff trays. The babies enjoyed all the different resources the staff put in for them to feel. They have also had fun playing with the play-dough using different shape cutters.
The Rainbows have been busy exploring sensory bags filled with different paints and hair gels where they experience different types of textures and sensations. They tested their memory by playing the ‘Kim’s game’ memory game and had fun testing the staff as well in return. The children also enjoyed the ‘Shark Game’ when they were comparing sizes, matching numerals, counting, discussing colours and numbers and counting to 10. They have been having picnics with the babies, making a mess with the digger tuff trays outside and trying to put cherries on spaghetti for their hand eye coordination. 
The Sunshines chose to use their home corner cabin as a doctor's surgery. All the children wanted to be doctors and treat their patients with some medicine and bandage their arms and legs. This role play made them more familiar with the experience of visiting a doctor, and explore the equipment used. They learned about treatment and why and how it was used. Learning to wait for your appointment in the “waiting room” played a part of it too. 
The Sunshines were superheroes for the day when they made capes out of sheets of material and they continued being superheroes on the pirate ship too. They also played with dinosaurs in water play, enjoyed their digger tuff tray and making marks in shaving foams. The children went on a ‘trip’ pretending to be on a train in the garden and made obstacle courses with all the large construction materials.  


It has been a very sparkling December with all the festive activities that have been happening at nursery. All the children made their own cards, calendars, placemats and reindeer food to take home to their families and enjoyed lots of other messy activities throughout the month too. 

The Ducklings had a small party with the staff members using the musical instruments and having a christmas dance. Afterwards sharing a little christmas picnic box for tea. They have been busy with their tuff trays and decorated their room too. The Duckling room has had a little change around and has more defined areas within their room and has a nice area for them to sleep in now with some curtains to make it cosy.

The Rainbows had a lovely Christmas party; all the children were invited back into the nursery, they sang some songs and uploaded them onto Tapestry for the parents and then played musical statues, sleeping lions and passed the parcel for their party. The children had a great time. 

The Sunshine children have done an amazing Nativity. All the children were invited into the nursery for the party and we recorded and shared their lovely performance with their parents. They then played some party games such as musical statues, pin the carrot on the snowman and pass the parcel also. They have had a special visitor for December too 'Elfie the Elf' has been back into nursery and causing lots of mischief for the children to see and enjoy.  

The children have also had a special visit from Father Christmas visited the nursery as they have all been placed on the good list. They all enjoyed meeting him and received a book as a present. 

We have raised £48 for Save the Children on Christmas Jumper Day. 


This month at nursery we celebrated Bonfire night by making firework pictures. We had a two minute silence with the children for Remembrance Day and the children made their own poppies to take home. 

The children have been enjoying playing outside with all the leaves and using their imagination throughout their play as well as having fun with the tuff trays that the staff have been making up for each room. 

The Sunshines have been making their own play dough; helping the staff to mix the ingredients and then playing with it afterwards. They used the alphabet stamps to create and learn about letters. 

We have a new mud kitchen for the Ducklings/Rainbows outside area and we have moved the Sunshine mud kitchen onto the grassy area. We have replaced the mud kitchen on the playground with our new 'Music Avenue' where the children will have access to a range of musical instruments and be able to play everyday as part of our continuous provision.  


The children have had a busy October. As the nights have drawn in and it started getting dark in the late afternoon the children have continued to enjoy spending time in the garden using torches to go exploring. 
We have improved our free-flow access in the nursery and it’s great to see that the children prefer being outside whatever the weather. The rooms have been updated with more natural materials and we have made it easier for the children to help themselves to what they would like to play with. Chalkboards have been painted onto the walls so the children can easily access mark making and they have had a fabulous time creating colourful displays.
The children have had an input in their play and learning so we made an ice cream counter where they children could create their own pretend ice creams,  we have created our own supermarket, made play-dough from scratch and built obstacles courses. 
Halloween activities have been enjoyed this month creating witches’ potions, carving pumpkins and carrying out lots of scarily messy painting activities.  

We also raised £57 for the charity Mencap, when the children dressed up as their favourite superhero all week.


As the weather has taken a turn and the days have been getting colder, the children have still been enjoying playing outside, as well as inside. The wellies and waterproofs are very handy for those wet days designed for jumping in puddles. 

Some new children have joined us this month and have settled in very well. Many of the older children have made the transition to their new rooms and are enjoying the different equipment and challenges. 

The children have all been exploring building dens, playing with tuff trays and cereals and created collages with natural resources from our garden. We have brought back the equipment that were put into storage 18 months ago and the childen have enjoyed trying on dressing up clothes and playing with sand where they experimented with a variety of utensils.

At the beginning of this month the new EYFS came into force and we are adjusting to the new routines. At nursery we have started our In the Moment planning, which is an approach where early years settings plan a topic spontaneously based on what a child is interested in. This has involved all parents helping us by completing a form about their child's interests and it has been lovely to find out what the children enjoy at home as well as at nursery.

We have also had a fundraising day when everone had to wear jeans for the day and we raised £25 for Jeans for Genes charity.


August has been a busy month at nursery as we have had to say goodbye to all our children leaving for school and wishing them all the best in their new adventure at school.  Many of the remaining children have been moving to their next room and they have done so well in their transitions and have all settled into their new rooms. 

The children have been busy with our topic focus on Dinosaurs and Disney. They have played dinosaur matching games, and enjoyed learning about different types of dinosaurs. For Disney, the children have enjoyed playing dress up, pretending to make capes from bubble wrap and making their own crowns.