Rainbow Room 2 - 3

At this age the children are getting more independent and we 
encourage self-motivation as a basis for learning within a stimulating environment, developing and building on the children’s curiosity, 
interest and fascination with the world around them.

We provide opportunities for learning within a context which is 
meaningful to the child. We aim to enable children to do things for themselves, have access to the resources they need to develop 
confidence, a positive self-image, independence and responsibility 
within a supportive and encouraging environment. We build on the 
values that the child has learned at home and involve parents in discussing, evaluating and contributing to the curriculum.

Our children have access to the outside play areas in all weathers; we offer sand play, water play, painting, mark making, music, construction etc both indoors and outdoors.

We use the guidance and follow the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage in our Rainbows room.