Duckling Room 0 - 2

Our playroom is fully equipped and furnished to meet ever developing needs together with a designated sleep area. The Ducklings have their own outside play area which includes a covered veranda for wet days. A morning snack, a freshly prepared hot lunch and a substantial tea is provided throughout the nursery day. Drinks are offered throughout the day along with fruit and/or snacks.

We have divided the unit into three areas; mark making, role play and relax and play, where the children get a different type of experience throughout the day to enhance their daily routine. 

Our aim is to meet each individual child’s needs and interests throughout the day. The children set their own routine when they first start at nursery, they are fed, changed and have a sleep according to the routine that is set down by their parents. As the children become more familiar with nursery life the routine evolves according to their requirements.

Our baby unit holds a maximum of 9 children and the ratio is 1 adult to 3 children. In our Ducklings room we use the guidance and follow the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage.