Chandlers Ford



December 2019

The highlight this month, as every December, was the Christmas Nativity play and party. After practicing for 2 months the children put on a perfect performance and they all remembered their lines. They looked wonderful in their different outfits and throughly enjoyed their dancing and singing on stage. The performance was followed by a lunch buffet and then a visit from Father Christmas. This is a nice social gathering for parents enabling them to celebrate their children’s achievements and to get a chance to meet their children’s nursery friends and their parents.

The children in all rooms have been very busy making their very own Christmas card and present to take home and they were very proud of their achievements.

They all helped to decorate the nursery with Christmas decorations and putting up the Christmas trees, and they really enjoyed the nursery Christmas dinner on Wednesday 18th December.

The Duckling room had lots of fun playing and exploring with jelly, some of the children also had fun eating it!!!

The children in the Sunshine room had lots of fun writing Christmas letters to Father Christmas. They also had a very special visit to Chandler’s Ford Library on the 20th December 2019, where they got to meet Father Christmas and then took part in story time! They had a fantastic time as they walked to the library and then got the bus back to nursery, and luckily, they missed the rain!!












November 2019

The rehearsals for the Christmas concert are in full swing. The children are practicing their songs and lines and are looking forward to the party.

This month the children have enjoyed making firework pictures with lots of different mark making tools which includes glitter, paints and chalks.

The Sunshine and Rainbow children have really enjoyed the rainy weather, they have liked splashing in puddles and making mud pies in the mud kitchen! Yummy!! They have also enjoyed throwing leaves in the garden with their friends.

The babies had much fun with a mound of shredded paper which they threw in the air to make “snow”. The staff probably didn’t have quite as much fun clearing it up.

We have created a new and improved maths area in the Sunshines room, with lots of new learning resources. The children have been reported impressing their parents with their new skills.

The sunshines also tried their hand at making home made bread.










October 2019

The staff have been patiently waiting for or new new pre-school playground equipment to be installed and finally, in the middle of October it finally arrived. It was worth the wait to see the children enjoying themselves so much, climbing, sliding and pretending to be pirates. 

Debs, our cook, has been trying new recipes for the children, with more success than expected. Some of the dishes the children loved, much to our surprise, were Cauliflower rice (instead of regular rice), Mince with lentils and Vegetable curry. Naturally, the most important thing is that the children fill up, and if they don’t like a new dish we try something else.

A lot of other things have happened this month too:

  • There is also a new construction area for the children to explore on the playground.
  • New play kitchens were added to the Ducklings and Sunshine rooms which have been well used already.
  • In the Rainbow room the ‘all about me’ tree has been changed to a winter tree using cotton wool, tissue paper and paint.
  • The Sunshine children enjoyed going for a walk around the local lake.
  • We celebrated the festival of light. The children took part in lots of different mark making activities.
  • The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of Halloween activities, which includes; making a pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins and making spiders out of the children’s handprints.
  • The children have also enjoyed some counting games using the pegs board.










September 2019

September is always a busy month at Kingsmead.

We had to say Goodbye to the school leavers this August, and we would like to wish them all the best of luck starting school! We now have some lovely new additions to our garden animal collection given to us by the children who have left.

We would also like to welcome all the new children that have started nursery. They are now becoming very settled and familiar with our nursery routine.

The Ducklings enjoyed going for a walk to see and feed the ducks at Hiltingbury lakes and it was a lovely sunny day for them to enjoy.

The Sunshine’s and Rainbow’s new topic is ‘All About Me’- the children have been taking part in lots of different activities relating to this topic

  • Circle time- the children have been discussing where they live…
  • Family tree- the children in the Rainbow Room created the tree using their handprints and the parents have brought in photos to fill the tree
  • Parents have also brought in baby photos of the Sunshine children for the display board
  • Sunshine children have been creating self portraits
  • Children in the Sunshine Room have been set some home learning (they had to draw their family)

Little Kickers, Spanish and French have started back up in the new term (these sessions are term time only) and the children really enjoy these extra activity sessions. Spanish is new and the Tuesday Sunshine Children enjoyed taking part in a free session. Spanish lessons are on a Tuesday 11-11:30am.

We have been very lucky with the September weather, so the children have still been able to access all the outdoor areas, let’s hope it continues into October for them. The children picked and dug up the vegetables in their garden and enjoyed eating them for their lunch and tea.

Some of the staff at Kingsmead took part in the 5k Mix Up to raise money for charity. The staff that took part had lots of fun and raised £320.65 for Naomi House. The children also enjoyed dressing up in spots as part of the fundraising last month.










August 2019

August is a month of change at Kingsmead. 23 children left to go to school, ready for the new challenge. It was sad to see them leave and we feel it is a privilege to have been able to follow their progress through the years they have spent at the nursery. The younger children have started their transition to their new rooms and after a few visits have settled in very well.

We have had a couple of charity events at the nursery this month too. We repeated our Pyjamas and Onesie day in aid of the Crackerjacks Children’s Trust when the children and staff turned up at nursery in their Pyjamas.

The other event is for our local children’s hospice Naomi House and we dressed up in stars and stripes for the day. Some of our staff are doing an assault course and fun run next month to help raise money for the charity.

The babies have thoroughly enjoyed their new ball pit. They have also created a nursery rhyme display board which they have decorated with characters from the rhymes.


July 2019

This month started with a BBQ party and sports day for our Sunshine room. The children had enjoyed practicing for sports day and on the day were raring to go. They were all pleased to receive a medal to show their parents, who in turn all joined in with the egg and spoon race. The weather was sunny and everyone could sit outside to eat. The bouncy castle was as always well used. One parent brought in a wonderful cake she had made depicting the three rooms, which was much admired.





Many of the children are preparing to leave nursery and go to school in September. They have been getting excited about the visits from teachers from the local schools who have introduced them to what to expect on their first day and the school year ahead. They have also enjoyed rummaging through our school uniform box, trying on the different uniforms that have been given to us.

Summertime is a good time for a big water fight. We played with water pistols and water balloons and finished the game with a picnic tea in the garden.

June 2019

The big excitement this month was our ducklings who arrived as eggs ready to hatch in an incubator and left us 10 days later as little ducklings. The children were mesmerised waiting for them to hatch and then watching how the hole in the eggs got bigger and finally a little duckling appeared. Everyone got a chance to hold and cuddle the ducklings and they thoroughly enjoyed watching the ducklings a a splash around in a tray of water. Once the ducklings had left us we had a surprise visit of some wild ducklings who had found their way into our garden.


The Duckings and Rainbows room had their summer party this month. The theme was animals and in the Duckling room the staff dressed up as ducklings. They all enjoyed themselves with a bouncy castle, party food and games.

The topic for the month was Farm Animals. We made a farm using Small World toys, made animal masks, coloured in pictures, made noises like  the animals, sang songs and read stories about farm animals.

This month the children have made Father’s Day cards, enjoyed bubble painting, searching for hidden items in the glittery shaving foam and enjoyed playing with the new sand pit toys making shapes and pouring sand. Some of the children have also been for a walk to the local lakes and fed the ducks and met a lovely dog to pat.


May 2019

Our topic for May was Seasons. We talked about the changes that happened each season and made pictures to show what had been learned.

The children in the Rainbows room went for a walk to the nearby lake where they fed the ducks and talked about how the seasons affected the trees and plants and how the leaves change in colour.

The children in the Sunshines room also had a couple of outings. They went to the local library to listen to Rhyme Time where they joined in with the singing and nursery rhymes. The return trip was by bus which they all enjoyed. The Sunshines also ventured out to the local lakes to feed the ducks and to the shops to find out what to do when you need to buy something.

The babies have enjoyed the garden where activities have included Hide and Seek and Catch and Slides. Indoors they have had interactive story times, making up stories and using toys to act them out.

All children have enjoyed Pet Week. Parents are invited to show off their pets and we learn about how to care for them and handle them properly. This year’s pets included a dog, a tortoise and a tarantula.

The month ended on a sad note when we said Goodbye to our Manager Val who retired after many years service. The children made cards and books with drawings of themselves. They lured Val into the nursery and surprised her with a presentation of their work.

Seasons project

Val’s leaving cake. Such a likeness.












April 2019

Easter set the tone for much of April and we got stuck in with preparations. The children made Easter cards using crayons, paints and different types of crafts. The children proudly took them home along with a cake. We also had an Easter Egg hunt around the garden areas and the children had lots of fun.

The babies made an aquarium display board exploring with colours, paints, sensory items and messy play. We talked about different types of sea animals, read books and sang songs.

We have taken the opportunity to spend more time in the garden with the extra hour of light since the clocks changed. The children have had a chance to play with a large parachute and balls in the garden and we have tried out our new trampoline. The children have also found bugs and made sure that any escaped bugs were brought back to the Bug Hotel. The babies have enjoyed playing in the play house and riding in play cars.



March 2019

Our topic for this month is Dinosaurs. We learn about the different dinosaurs, read books and have several activities. The children brought in their own dinosaur books that we all enjoyed together. We had messy play hiding dinosaurs in a lot of shaving foam that the children had to find.

An unusually late Pancake day was naturally celebrated by indulging in pancakes with different toppings, including the traditional lemon and sugar.

As the days are getting lighter and the weather a bit milder we have been spending more time playing outside. The children enjoy exploring the woodland area again after the wet, dark and cold winter. They had lots of fun putting on waterproofs and jumping in puddles on rainy days. Now we are looking forward to the lighter evening when we can stay outside until home time.

The older children are enjoying their extra activities like French lessons and Little Kickers sports.

To celebrate Mother’s day we have made cards to take home along with a sweetie for Mother. The babies made hand and footprint cards for their mums.

We celebrated World Book day when the children had a chance to dress up as their favourite book characters.






February 2019

The winter rain hasn’t stopped us playing outside. The children have dressed up in waterproofs and have had a great time splashing in puddles. The cold snap and snow meant that we had to bundle up into even more clothes but that didn’t stop us having fun in the snow flurries with lots of snowball fights and mark making in the snow.

Another big event this month was Chinese New Year. The children celebrated by having Chinese noodles which they ate with chopsticks, and some sweet treats. We made a big dragon to bring us good luck.

The babies enjoy Music Time, exploring and learning through musical instruments and song. They also collected leaves from the garden of all shapes and sizes and made lovely pictures with them.

We also planted our spring bulbs in our flowerbed and now we are waiting to see them grow and flower.

January 2019

All children have come back to Nursery full of beans after the Christmas break. They could not wait to tell us about the wonderful presents Father Christmas had left for them, and the fun things they have been up to during their Christmas break.

We have now settled into the New Year with a new topic of Space for the Sunshines and Rainbows rooms which the children are really enjoying. They love learning about the planets and they have made some great aliens. Rainbows have been painting planets and Sunshines have been making 3d planets with balloons and papier mache.

Our new babies and toddlers are settling in well to the routine of nursery life in the Duckling room, getting to know their Key Person and enjoying exploring the new toys. They much enjoy creative activities like painting, gluing, using chalks, playing with the sand and going in the ball pit. We go outside on the veranda to play for short periods to enjoy some fresh winter air.

With the change in the weather and the cold temperatures we have still been going outdoors, but not for as long as normal to avoid getting icicles.